Gertrude Jekyll's philosophy of gardening revolved around the meticulous attention to detail and the profound connection to nature. She believed that true gardening was an art form that demanded a deep understanding of the natural world and a keen eye for the subtleties of each plant, colour, and fragrance.

Inspired by Gertrude Jekyll's emphasis on the importance of attention to detail in gardening, Berry & Bird embarked on a journey to create the most beautifully crafted garden hand tools. Each and every tool is carefully inspected to ensure they are consistently of the quality and finish – we are proud to engrave the Berry & Bird logo on every tool we make. 

Our brand name, Berry & Bird, also pays tribute to Gertrude Jekyll's sentiment – that gardener’s need to be mindful of nature and wildlife. We at Berry & Bird have a deep-rooted passion for the natural world, gardening, and the beauty of outdoor spaces. Our shared love for nature and a desire to create tools that would enhance the garden experience led to the creation of the brand.

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Berry represents the abundance and natural riches that gardens can offer. It signifies the vibrant colours, flavours, and fragrances of fruits, flowers, and berries that flourish in well-tended gardens. We believe that gardens are not only places of relaxation and beauty but also a source of nourishment and sustenance.

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Bird symbolises the connection between gardens and wildlife. Gardens often attract a variety of birds, from songbirds to pollinators. We recognise that gardens serve as habitats and sanctuaries for these feathered creatures, and we want our tools to be in harmony with this coexistence. That gardens are more than just cultivated spaces; they are environments where nature thrives.

"Berry & Bird" reflects our aspiration to create gardening tools that respect the balance of nature, enhance the garden's beauty, and encourage a thriving ecosystem. It embodies our commitment to products that are not only functiona.